Juan Manuel DE PRADA

Las esquinas del aire

Planeta, 2000 | The Corners Of The Air


France / Seuil; Germany / Klett-Cotta; Holland / Arena; Italy / E/O.

La prensa ha dicho...

«Provocative, heterodox, obsessed with language, familiar with the rarest and most precious lexicons, playing on the most diverse and audacious tones, the author shows a superb mastery.» Thierry Clermont, Le Figaro


(The Corners Of The Air) Did Ana María Martínez Sagi really exist or is she fiction? This will ventually turn out to be a superfluous question. Poet, national javelin throwing champion, freedom fighter in the Civil War, feminist avant la lettre and, in spite of her bourgeois origins, true fighter for the rights of the working class, this daring woman who always spoke her mind had to hide her secret love for the successful writer Elisabeth Mulder. Halfway between a novel and a biography, this thrilling quest is a fictionalized memoir about a remarkable woman ahead of her time.