Juan Manuel DE PRADA

La tempestad

Planeta, 1997 | The Tempest


Brazil / Nova Cultural; Croatia / Znanje; Denmark / Gyldendal; Finland / Like; France / Seuil; Germany / Klett-Cotta; Greece / Kastaniotis; Holland / Arena; Italy / E/O; Lithuania / Tyto Alba; Portugal / Ambar; Russia / AST; Slovakia / Slovart; Sweeden / Wahlström & Widstrand; Thailand / Image Publishing; UK Commonwealth / Spectre; US / The Overlook Press.

Film rights: The Kasander Film Company (Director: Paul Tickell).


***Planeta Award 1997***

La prensa ha dicho...

“De Prada talks about a tour de force : he has succeeded.” Libération

“I loved it.” Brian David, Time Out

“De Prada has woven a unique murder story shot through with poetic fetishism. The eroticismthat permeates De Prada’s Venetian journey makes this book a high contender for cult status. Quite a read.” David Diebold, Dublin Evening Standard


(The Tempest) Alejandro Ballesteros arrives in Venice, a city ravaged by snow and floods, to study La tempesta, the painting by Giorgione. In only four days, Ballesteros will witness the murder of a notorious counterfeiter of the art world, fall in love and get to know a series of gloomy characters who are familiar with both secrecy and crime. A moving and thrilling tale in a city in which life and art merge and where nothing is what might look like at first sight…