Y decirte alguna estupidez, por ejemplo, te quiero

Anaya, 1995 | And to tell you something stupid, like say, I love you


Germany / Carl Hanser Verlag; Portugal / Dom Quixote


«With a fresh and fluid monolog […] Juan tells what happens in his class,  in dealings with his friends, about his brother and about the tribute to Butragueño. And he doesn´t forget about Sara, with eyes as bright as scratches of the sun on the sea and her lucid and personal way to understand the world. » José María Goicoechea, El País de la Tentaciones.


(And to tell you something stupid, like say, I love you) Juan thinks love is stupid, but he falls in love with Sara, the new girl in his class. When Sara proposes to steal some tests, he can´t say no to the adventure she proposes, because he´s inside of another adventure, the one of his secret love. This is also a story about the transition from adolescence to maturity: during the year of  Butragueño´s goodbye, his little brother Zac´s idol, Juan is learning to assess what we call “the small things”.