Un amigo así

Planeta, 2013 | A Friend Like This


“Tremendously well researched. The novel is faithful to the history of the sport a well as the settings and actual events during the ascent of Mont Blanc. Dramatic situations are well portrayed and the whole plot is developed with intense restraint and emotion.” J. M. Pozuelo Yvancos, ABC

“An extraordinarily well devised novel, crafted to keep the reader in suspense. In Casariego’s best book to date he depicts a serious conflict and an exhilarating situation with a simple and poignant lyricism.” Fernando Castanedo, El País

“Martín Casariego is, as I see it, one of our most sure-footed and interesting writers. His polished prose and elegant style make his work a veritable feast for readers. (…) A Friend Like This is a hymn to friendship that reaches beyond the realms of mysticism, much like the movies of Howard Hawks, a novel that oozes emotion from every pore." Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Mercurio

“A superb hybrid novel. (…) An intricate, beautiful love story to get the pulse racing, set against a tense, snowy backdrop.” Vicente Molina Foix, Tiempo

“A heart-warming tale of friendship and betrayal framed in an expertly crafted mystery.” Manuel Rodríguez Rivero, Babelia, El País

“Martin Casariego raises the grandeur of nature and human grandeur to the same level in this story of an unshakable friendship threatened by unmentionable secrets. A novel full of hidden relationships that, gradually revealed, enrich the story with conflict.” J. A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia

"A learned, thoughtful and readable novel, a seemingly simple story with hidden depths that appeals to the heart and the head.” Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Mundo


(A Friend Like This) Friends José and Lucas have climbed mountains around the world for almost three decades. While their friendship seems rock solid, one of them knows that a thin crack has been splitting them apart for years. During an epic ascent of Mont Blanc, the two friends’ limits will be tested by the cold, the snow, the wind and nature in its purest form. They will learn that everyone harbours unspeakable secrets, and will have to face their past and present fears.

Thrilling. Martín Casariego has written a marvelous novel.