Private: Yuri HERRERA

Trabajos del reino

Periférica, 2008


(World rights in Arabic language, Sefsafa); (Brazil,  Bertrand); (Croatian Fraktura); (Finland, Sammakko), (France, Gallimard); (Germany, S. Fischer); (Greece, Kastaniotis); (Italy, La Nuova Frontiera), (The Netherlands, Wereldbibliotheek); (Norway, Cappelen Damm); (Sweden, Nilsson Förlag); (Turkey, Notos Kitap); (UK-US, And Other Stories)


«To express the desolation, fear, emptiness, distorted relationships and lies that unmask truths it is necessary to activate language, reinvent it, and this is what Yuri Herrera, one of the most powerful new Mexican fiction writers, has done particularly well in this novel.» J. A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia


(Kingdom Pros - first prize in Otras voces, otros ámbitos, selected by 100 figures from the world of publishing in Spain and the National Border of Words Prize) is told from the perspective of a songwriter; the reader watches as the ‘palatial lifestyle’ of a drug cartel unfolds. Lobo, the main character and narrator, has been marginalized since birth. He has no education, but he is bursting with a talent that lets him turn significant events into song and that makes him an Artist. One afternoon, he bumps into the man who will change his life… So, reconstructing the inner world of the cartel in everyday language not lacking in lyricism, he demonstrates his excellent ear and, in a tone that at times takes on the register of fairy tales and at others that of a Shakespearian tragedy, the words of the Artist draw us into a castle in which happiness appears to reign, but where there is a constant undercurrent of intrigue.


Working in conjunction with Editorial Periférica