Debolsillo, 2012 | All About Makoki


“An explosive cocktail that mixes the underground scene of the 1970s, comics from previous decades and the humour of classic Spanish magazine ‘La Codorniz’ ” La Vanguardia


Gallardo and Mediavilla are the creators of Makoki, Emo, Cuco, Morgan and, a few years later, Niñato, all dangerous but big-hearted types who try to esscape boredom without paying heed to anything or any one: viscious nocturnal escapades, high-speed business deals, criminal and police reprisals and comradeship no matter what. Their battlefield is the streets of Barcelona and La Floresta, but they go as far as northern Morocco, Granada, Madrid and even New York, including an eventful visit to Barcelona’s infamous La  Modelo prison.

Between 1977 and 1984 (with a postscript in 1994) these strips were a landmark in popular culture; they celebrated the adult comic in its so-called ‘línea chunga,’ or ‘rough line’ format and were the secret epicentre of the savage years of Spain’s nascent democracy, an era marked by punk, libertarianism, coarse slang, drugs, delinquents and daily violence.

Todo Makoki [all about Makoki] brings together all five comic books about Makoki and his gang: Las aventuras de Makoki [the adventure of Makoki]; La juventud de Makoki [young Makoki]; Fuga en la Modelo [escape from La Modelo], Makoki en Niu Yors [Makoki in New York] and La muerte de Makoki [the death of Makoki].