Private: Miguel MENA

Todas las miradas del mundo

Suma de Letras, 2013


«Miguel Mena writes with rage and compassion, he says everything without ruining the mystery.» David Trueba

“Stories that intertwine with a candour and a rhythm as pulsating as it is irresistible. Miguel Mena, a proponent of literature with the common touch, has constructed a rock-solid narrative, tinged with darkness, an indictment with the occasional romantic flourish. A chilling novel that smacks of the truth”. Antón Castro

“A magnificent slice of detective fiction.” Cristina Grande, El Heraldo de Aragón

"Todas las miradas del mundo scales dizzying heights of dramatic excellence, with detours into politics and an unparalleled description and critique of society. Taking in everything from football to politics, culture and even street crime, this is a novel that explores Spain from every angle, a country whisked into a frenzy by the excitement, fear, ignorance and joy of a World Cup.” Blog De libros

“A fine slice of noir fiction, solid, highly readable and believable (…) And more besides, for Mi­guel Mena always finds that little something extra to move the reader (…) What we have here is flawless writing, no word out of place, no nuance unexplored.”

“A nimble, highly readable novel that ratchets up the tension with every page.” Fernando Baudet, La Opinión de Málaga

«A great police novel about the Spain of Naranjito.» Ignacio Martínez de Pisón

«A precise chronicle about the Spain of the early eighties, with the rhythm of a thriller and an emotional tale. » Diario de Teruel


An inspector Mainer Novel

(Under the Watchful Gaze of the World) Todas las miradas del mundo has the workings of a crime novel but it is also a chronicle of the Spansih Transition and a touching story. It is a vibrant and moving novel where soccer and international politics meet radical terrorists, enthusiastic soccer fans, small-time crooks, young fascists  and Toxic Oil Syndrome patients.