Tiempo de bastardos

Martínez Roca, 2007 | A Time of Bastards


Portugal / Bertrand; Italy / Guanda; Romania / RAO


«A sweet voice and a firm hand» Ana Sánchez, El Periódico

«A young, fresh outlook that uncovers some unknown facts about Beatrice of Portugal» La Tribuna de Salamanca


(A Time of Bastards) Following the premature death of her two older brothers, Beatrice of Portugal finds herself forced to live a dizzying existence. From her privileged position she witnesses the darkest secrets of a monarchy in the midst of change, focused on conquering power at any price. Why do they want her killed? Tiempo de bastardos, reveals unknown aspects of a beautiful, intelligent and exceptional woman whose life had numerous ups and downs... and a supposed incestuous relationship with her half-brother