Tanta gente sola

Seix Barral, 2009 | All The Lonely People


France: Galaade


***Mario Vargas Llosa NH Short Fiction Award 2010 to the best published collection***

***Finalist Booksellers Prize 2009***


«An excellent book (…) highly recommended reading for discerning readers and for all those who seek to learn whilst being entertained. A set of stories with a structural unity that enables it to be considered an excellent novel on solitude. »Angel Basanta, El Cultural de El Mundo

«A master of short distances.» Carlos Tomás, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos

“A work in which Bonilla’s narrative powers have scaled such heights that he is able to construct the most delicate of artefacts, like an expert teller of tales in full control of the tricks of his trade.” I. F. Garmendia, Mercurio  

“A book chock-full of clever, unsettling stories.” Fernando Iwasaki


(All The Lonely People) Contains a single narration in which ludicrous tragic characters cohabit with those capable of transforming their illness into an advantage or failure into a great success. Juan Bonilla sets characters and situations with the precision of a watchmaker who masters the tools of his trade. In his stories there are always surprises, words that open doors to new readings, ingenuity, and above all, a meticulous care for language. Undoubtedly, the greatest stories of a great storyteller.