Sis homes

Empúries, 2005 | Six Men


«Josep Maria Fonalleras’ narrative is based on the eloquent silences that come from the tense hidden stories loitering behind the visible facade, a camouflage strategy that can be detected from the titles.» Ponç Puigdevall

«Re-reading it provokes the same joy in me today at the reunion with an old literary friend that I feel revisiting the stories of Cortázar, Martínez Ferrando, Monterroso or Rodoreda. For me, Fonalleras is, above all, a style, a way: I continue to see him as one of the best stylists of our prose.» Jaume Subirana


(Six Men) A man who suffers a heart attack, a man who fasts, a man who wants to kill another, a man who speaks to the elderly, a man who collects papers and another who watches them: 6 protagonists from other stories talk to us about aging, of piety, of friendship, of literature and of death with a disbelieving and ironic voice. The stories in Sis homes, written with precise and refined prose, invite the reader to put themselves in the shoes of a poetry dabbler in order to savour the characteristic “Fonalleras tone”  and extract all its richness.