Qué te voy a contar

Anagrama, 1989 | What I’m going to tell you


«A frenetic and amusing succession of local scenes, riddle with gags» Mercedes Monmany

«Various names spring to mind as departure points, among them Salinger, Bukowski and Woody Allen» Clara Janés, El País


(What I’m going to tell you) In the wild and frenetic Madrid of the late ‘80s it could come to pass that a guy of 23 years old meets a girl of 17 and falls madly in love with her. Just like it could also come to pass that she soon leaves him, perhaps because he is incapable of telling her the words she wants to hear… And that is exactly what this novel conveys: the progress and obstacles of this peculiar romance, the avatars the couple face in the course of this relationship which, unlike a traditional novel, begins with its break up.