Poesía masculina

La Bella Varsovia, 2021


«Luna Miguel writes verses that would never occur to the people of my generation or the ones before or after but that present us with the language we understand best.» Vicente Verdú

«One of the finest qualities of Miguel’s writing: she proposes, she never dictates. She suggests.» María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros


After two trilogies about youth, in Masculine Poetry, Luna Miguel says goodbye to the verses that made her the “poet of the body.”

The poems of Masculine Poetry––swift, with a narrative tendency––expand the limits of desire, tenderness, and friendship. Her voice flows from the experience of a man, confronts the contradictions of men, and tries to love the way a man loves while also working to raise consciousness and impose distance. How do you examine the most intimate parts of yourself through another’s eyes? How do you think of an us made multiple through readings and lovers? How can you be happy, generous, after separation?