Màrius SERRA

Plans de futur

Proa, marzo 2013


Poland / Pascal


-Sant Jordi Novel Award 2012


“… an enthralling ramble through the life of the mathematician Ferran Sunyer (…).” Tony Vall, Que leer

“(…) a work that deals with rising above adversity, vanquishing cowardice, (…) a heartfelt, ironic tale that can also be read as a metaphor for the current state of play in Cataluña.” Ricard Ruiz Garzón, El País.

“An elegant, polished stylist (…)” Josep Massot, La Vanguardia.

Literature and humanity come together with a restraint that only a writer in his prime could manage.” Vicenç Pagés Jordà, El Periódico

“Writing is the art of combining words and meaning. There is a very rare breed of writers who are able to play with words and find unexpected treasures in words themselves or in using a different combinative art. Màrius Serra is one of these writers.” Antoni Dalmau, El Punt Avui 

“There are so many reasons to read Màrius Serra’s latest novel that I will leave you with just one. Because. Because it is worth it.” Oriol Izquierdo, Vilaweb


(Plans for the Future) Plans de futur is a novel about hope, a fictionalised account of the remarkable life of Ferran Sunyer. A tetraplegic self-taught mathematician, Sunyer achieved notorious international success in the 50s and 60s despite his disability and being ostracised by the Franco regime.

Sunyer’s cousins, María and Ángeles Carbona, play a big part in the story of this family. So does Sunyer’s absent father, that inexplicably left home. The girls devoted their lives to tace care of their cousin. The family was hit by its share of misfortune and adversity but their lively and positive disposition was never soured.

Set between the family home in Barcelona and the summer house in the northern Empordà region between 1912 and 1967, we also travel to Nice, Figueres and Cadaqués. It is here that Salvador Dalí will paint a portrait of María Carbona that will prove crucial for the family.

Spain - Catalan / Proa