Private: Miguel MENA


Xordica, 2008


«This is a book about life. Its radical lack of flourishes is surprising; it is an austere work, which nevertheless is totally moving. It’s a modest volume that can be read in one sitting of a couple of hours, because it’s very enjoyable. But the fact is you take your time and chew over the words, swallowing them as slowly as you swallow a medicinal syrup with an shocking, unidentifiable flavour – a syrup that will cure you, which is exactly what this book does.» Rosa Montero, El País


(Pity) A book of memories, of paradoxes and of states of mind. A book of minute stories, of instant photos, of sparks. Mercy speaks of pain, of hope, of the family, of friends, of absences, of death, of compassion for others and for oneself. Mercy is a book of dreams, of insomnia and weariness. A book of silences, gestures and shouts - it speaks of admiration, incomprehension, of struggles, of defeats, of yearning and of resistance. Mercy is a book of memories: a book of tales that don’t dare to be poems, illustrated with photos taken by the author.

Parting from this narrative, Gaizka Urresti directed the documentary A god that no longer shelters (2010), the story of the journey of a father who seeks answers to her son's disability, which was a finalist at the 2010 Goya Awards.

(Spain, Xordica)