Para amantes y ladrones

Anagrama, 2000


(Greece, Metaichmio Editions); (Russia, AST)


«The reader turns into a voyeur who cannot tear his eyes away from the pages of this novel.» Ana Rodríguez Fischer, ABC

«Boccaccio and Cervantes revisited. A marvellous present for the reader.» Ángel Basanta, El Mundo

«A world worth visiting.» I.García Ureta, El Correo


(For Lovers and Thieves) Pedro, a young cook with very selective literary taste, finds himself involved in the life of a group of writers and their editor during a stormy weekend in which the mysterious, innocent-looking Polín will open up for him new perspectives on passion and unrequited love. The meeting is intended to be a long birthday party for the editor, who asks his writers for a very special present: a short story about misunderstanding that should be ready by the end of their stay. Story-telling and the coexistence of sensitive talented persons under the same roof bring into play their most feared obsessions and failed dreams and their useless but necessary search for happiness.

(Spain, Anagrama / Club: Círculo de Lectores)