Noche de los enamorados

Mondadori, 2012 / Plot, 2020


«A powerful blend of forensic science and stark urban poetry. A shocking book. Félix Romeo read, collected and listened to what was written and what was left out, and it is all enveloped in the surgical precision of his writing style, the only light in the story.» J. Ernesto Ayala-Dip, El País

«Noche de los enamorados exists in a genuinely fantastic territory, and confirms once again the originality and strong literary pulse of an author who was prematurely taken from us.» Ricardo Senabre, El Mundo

«A kaleidoscope that teaches the reader that only literature can truly nurture the truth.» J.M. Pozuelo Yvancos, ABC


(Night of the Lovers) Condemned for disobedience, Romeo served his sentence in Torrero jail where he shared a cell with Santiago Dulong, who told him of how his wife died during a fight. Noche de los enamorados is a reconstruction of those events.

‘This is not a judgement because the dead cannot be judged, and Santiago Dulong died ten years ago. Nor is it the impossible defence of a victim, because offences against the dead cannot be atoned for. And nor is it an essay on justice. All I can do is to write these words: on what appeared in the newspapers, on what the sentence reflected, on freely available legal documents, and on the memories I have of the words spoken by Santiago Dulong, clouded by time and by a  bad smell.’ Félix Romeo