Nadie conoce a nadie

Ediciones B, 1996 | Nobody Knows Anybody


Holland: Het Spectrum / Italy: Frassinelli / Japan: Asahi Shuppan-Sha


«A novel that proves that Bonilla is a great author in contemporary Spanish fiction.» E. Rodríguez, El Mundo Magazine

«Every page conceals a surprise, a new piece of information to add to a gigantic puzzle.» J. Belmonte, La Verdad


(Nobody Knows Anybody) Easter 1997. Sevilla becomes a macabre playing field in which reality and fiction, coincidence and calculation are set face to face in a deadly game in which the violence of a terrorist attack provokes a situation in which there’s no way out. Great literature is not meant to give answers but to question reality. That is what Juan Bonilla does in Nobody Knows Anybody.

Film rights sold to: Sogetel-Maestranza Films / Director: Mateo Gil