Mercado de espejismos

Destino, 2007 | The Market of Mirages


Italy, Fazy / Portugal, Sextante / Romania, RAO


***Nadal Award 2007***


«One of our best contemporary poets (…) an excellent novelist.» Luis García Montero, El País

«A humorous novel, studded throughout with playful stories, closely related to the picaresque novel (…) with impossible cheats and brilliant adjectives.» Blanca Berasátegui, El Cultural

«An intelligent parody of the novels on the occult.» M. Néspolo, ADN

«A novel that is not only radiant and incredibly funny, but also completely necessary.» Juan Bonilla


(The Market of Mirages). Corina and Jacob have always made their living organizing thefts of artworks. When they are about to retire due to old age and lack of work, they receive an unexpected assignment from a licentious Mexican. The assignment entails stealing the alleged relics of the Three Kings, which are kept in the cathedral of Cologne. With sweeping prose and dazzling creativity, Benítez Reyes steers us into a fascinating land packed with unusual characters and unexpected situations.

The Market of Mirages is a hilarious, devastating and subtle send-up of thrillers involving the occult that transcends mere parody. A disquieting story throughout its many surprising twists and all the way up to its unexpected ending.