Private: Ernesto CASTRO

Memorias y libelos del 15M

Arpa Editores, 2021 | Memories and libels on 15M


(*Right with Arpa Editores)

A very personal chronicle of the year we took to the streets and squares, written during the year when we have done so the least.

«A person doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the thought that 15-M is celebrating its tenth anniversary in this period of coronavirus, when the streets are empty and public spaces abandoned. The simultaneous ease and difficulty of writing about 15-M lies in the fact that it is the first mass social movement our country has seen since the existence of Web 2.0. The book I wanted to read about the people of 15-M would need to draw out the philosophical pearls from this ocean of data, bringing together in a coherent and poetic text the information that today is scattered and forgotten across hundreds of wiki pages with broken links. But this isn’t that book…

No single work can exhaust the subject of the indignados, just as no voice can monopolize an assembly. It must be a group of works and voices that recomposes the protean and contradictory face of 15-M. That will only be possible if each person speaks from their own personal 15-M, from the household god they’ve adored or cursed for the past ten years, without attempting to appropriate the capital-T truth about the people of 15-M, but also without holding anything back.

For this reason, I have dared to write these memories, never straying from the confessional first-person. Written from memory, mixing the personal and collective, sabotaging my own reputation, winning the contempt of friends and enemies alike, irritating those who appear here under their first and last names, this isn’t the book I wanted to read, it’s the one I could and had to write: an intimate chronicle of the year I went out the most, written in the year when I’ve been able to do so least.»