Marienbad eléctrico

Seix Barral, enero 2016


Argentina / Caja Negra; México / Almadía; Brazil / Cosac Naify; France / Bourgois; Germany / Lettre International; Portugal / Teodolito; UK / tk


«A book about a friendship between an artist and a writer. The echo of their conversations and much more besides. As is so often the case with him, the book we are reading is not entirely what itmight first appear.»
Xavier Person, Le Matricule des Anges

«Irony, humour and a deliberate lightness of touch.»
Jorge Carrión, Clarín

«One of Spain’s most respected and beloved authors beyond the country’s shores, Vila-Matas has opened a door that none of his fellow writers have ever ventured near.»
Laura Revuelta, ABC Cultural


> 3rd reprint!

A book for long-time Vila-Matas fans and contemporary art aficionados and critics alike.

From September 2015 to February 2016, the Pompidou Centre is set to stage a major exhibition dedicated to the work of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. A follower and friend of the artist of many years’ standing, Vila-Matas has written a piece on the show. Following on from Kassel no invita a la lógica, in which, amid bafflement, irony, humour and fascination, he takes the world of contemporary art head on, Vila-Matas continues to mine this rich seam. Making the themes and challenges posed by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster his own, Vila-Matas turns his attention to the discipline of contemporary performance and again offers up a delightful homage to art.