María cumple 20 años

Astiberri, 2015


País Vasco / Astiberri; Cataluña / La Galera; Francia / Rackham


«The great Spanish illustrator Gallardo (…) teaches us how fatherhood can be pursued with love, passion and sacrifice.»
Horacio Convertini, Clarín

«A delightful book. Calls on the reader to understand the particular sensibility of these individuals.» Antonio Lozano, La Vanguardia

«Minimalist, tinged with humour and sorrow, straight to the point and the heart.» Tereixa Constenla, El País


(Maria Turns 20) In this follow-up to the international hit María y yo, Gallardo returns his unflinching, unsentimental gaze to the reality of autism, while entertaining and moving the reader in equal measure.
Eight years after the publication of María y yo, Miguel Gallardo returns to the inner world of his daughter María -  who suffers ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and has just turned twenty. In the words of Miguel Gallardo, “Maria has grown, and then some, and while certain things have changed, others remain just the same. This book is about those things and about what the future holds.”  
María still lives in the Canary Islands, a three-hour flight from her father’s home in Barcelona. They no longer go on holiday to a resort, as “we grew tired of all those pasty-faced tourists. We now spend our summers in Barcelona and on the Costa Brava”, Gallardo notes with delight.
María is still blessed with an infectious grin and a special brand of humour. This is a journal about the things they get up to and what happens to them over the month and a half they spend together every summer. “We still laugh a lot, we make lists and listen to the music María picks out."