María bonita

Anagrama, 2000 / Seix Barral - Booket, 2013


(Italy, Marcos y Marcos); (Portugal, Teorema)


«A metaphor of the discovery of true life.» E. Ayala-Dip, El País

«An excellent narration, very well composed and written. Synthetically: High Quality Literature.» Ricardo Senabre, El Cultural


(Beautiful Maria) Madrid is the backdrop of this novella about loyalty and betrayal, tender feelings and unavoidable sorrow. This is Spain in the late 60’s, and young María dreams of a family unlike her own. Why doesn’t she have the right to chose her own parents? Why does happiness seem so out of reach? Why is everybody around her trying to hide a secret? This is much more than a Bildungsroman; it is the story of charming swindlers and utter losers, of fake glamour, stolen goods and a narrow final escape...and María will finally come to terms with adulthood.

A novella about family and childhood, gloomy reality and unattainable dreams, literary landscapes that Martínez de Pisón visits and masters once again.