Los soldados

El Aleph, 2013 | The Soldiers


«A story of love and intrigue that goes through the existence of people seeking their place in the world.» Cristobal G. Montilla, El Mundo

"A novel of restraint where nothing is as it seems. A story with a very dark soul in which every word is the mot juste. Nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous.” Antonio Fontana, ABC

“This crime thriller is, first and foremost, a novel of love and heartbreak, of love found and lost, of friendship and second chances, with terrorism as a backdrop, or as an alibi. (...) Fast-paced, solid dialogue accompanies the descriptive narrative and stream of consciousness: an intense and powerful story.” Antón Castro, Mercurio

“Succinct and sweeping in scope, Aranda breaks new ground in this novel: combining an eye for the everyday and the social realism that are the hallmarks of his body of work with the suspense and techniques of noir fiction. A story that gathers pace with each turn of the page.” Jesús Nieto, El Cultural de El Mundo


(The Soldiers) Fran lives in Malaga and is thinking about moving in with Monica, his girlfriend from Bilbao. Fran is unaware that a murder in Bilbao is somehow connected to him and his plans to move in with his girlfriend. Yet his brother’s disappearance, a call from an ex and the weight of the past are all set to complicate things for Fran.
Pablo Aranda shows us the blurred edges of our personal homelands, the senselessness of many a belief and how love may just be the only thing we can hold on to in a world of shady relationships, little lies and betrayals. A story of intrigue and passion by one of the most promising writers of his generation.