Los Baldrich

Alfaguara, 2009


-Por esta novela el autor fue nombrado Talento FNAC 2009


«A few scenes of great literary ambition will remain in the reader’s mind.» Manuel Longares

«An interesting story; Lahoz’ novel is permeated with the tone of an elegy for a generation.» Ernesto Ayala Dip, Babelia

«Lahoz demonstrates a unique skill for storytelling and an excellent handling of language. I look forward to his next novel, as this is an author who’s here to stay.» Marta Rivera de la Cruz

«Los Baldrich has taken me back to the Barcelona of my childhood on Rodoreda Street and a believable Madrid, and revived my pleasure in the novel.» Luis Eduardo Aute

«His prose fluctuates between the two nineteenth-century poles of Balzac’s La comédie humaine and Los episodios nacionales by Pérez Galdós, but filtered through the prism  of the Young British Novelists.» Javier Alonso Prieto, Quimera

«Lahoz has constructed a novel that is genuinely powerful at times. The characters gradually acquire a human weight as they are slowly marked by time, society and the family unit. He is capable of showing both the positive and negative sides of his characters, without bluntly dividing them into good and bad. There is a deft manipulation of the counterplot, which reinforces the vital narrative dynamic and the book is an entertaining, exciting read.» J.A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia

«A lively writing style with numerous touches that betray the influence of García Márquez.» Ricardo Senabre, El Cultural


(The Baldrich Family) Jenaro Baldrich has had clear goals from an early age: to have a family, set up a business in crumbling post-war Barcelona, and get as close to the top as he can. Nothing will stop him from achieving his aims, even if he forgets the dream of a stable, close family on the way.

This is a tale of ambition, the story of a man capable of everything but betraying himself, and an accurate portrait of a comfortable family in which the children must flee their oppressive home before the noble surname of Baldrich ruins them.

This fascinating novel by Use Lahoz is shaped by greed and a lack of communication, but also generosity, love and lust. A bittersweet tale of 20th century Spain with all the mastery of the great classic sagas.

(Spain, Alfaguara / Pocket, Punto de Lectura)