Llarga vista (Narrativa 1982-2002)

Empúries, 2003 | Enlarged View


«Read Enlarged View and recommend it to your good friends. I´m sure in no time they will become followers of the author.» Joan Josep Isern, Avui

«An essential author, splendid stories, an indispensable book.» Quim Monzó

«Now there´s enough distance to know there is a Fonalleras tone, a tone built with sadness and melancholy for the loss of all paradises (…) An unmistakable house mark.» Ponç Puigdevall


(Enlarged View) This volume encompasses all the short narrative of Josep Maria Fonalleras to date, including previously unpublished stories, and some dispersed amongst different publications. Enlarged view allows the reader to follow, with the clarity and sharpness of a looking glass, the progression in  Fonalleras´works during the last twenty years. The similar style of the stories and the universe the author creates show us, according to Narcís Comadira “a jaded look on the world, but tender enough to take the miseries of life with a certain sense of humor. And all of that with a prose that should quiet forever those who affirm there is no Catalan prose. Long life to Enlarged View, a book that leaves a mark.