L’home de la maleta

Proa, 2011


-Sant Jordi Novel Award 2010


«A biting allegory of the modern-day artist in a post-modern world. A story that slips along nimbly, gracefully and mischievously, without once becoming dull or tired.» Sam Abrams, El Mundo

 «A funny satire of our modern habits.» J. Guillamon, La Vanguardia

 «A new exercise in linguistic virtuosity. It will be one of the books of this literary season.» P. A. Pons, Time Out


(The Man With The Suitcase) One fine day, a retired old musician decides to pack his suitcase and live for a month in each of his three daughters’ houses. The man is a survivor, an individualist who has always looked out for number one, but who needs the affection of his family. He is disconcerted by the life his daughters lead and the new family models they adhere to. The world is an ever changing place and the man with the suitcase can scarcely take in the changes. An old dog who has seen it all, he now looks scornfully and dispassionately at everything around him, and gives an enjoyable and honest account of his milieu. But the man with the suitcase is still hurting from a childhood wound. When he attempts to heal it by examining his past, an unforeseen situation will change his life forever.

-8 reprints

(Spain: Proa - Catalan, 2011 / Pocket, Labutxaca, 2012)