Las metrosesenta: una generación de mujeres a la conquista de su intimidad

La Esfera de los Libros, 2007 | Women of Average Height: A Generation of Women at the Conquest of Their Intimacy


(Women of average height: a generation of women at the conquest of their intimacy) Although women have ratified the conquest of their intimacy, in advanced societies a long road stretches ahead in the public sphere, and not just when it comes to the echelons of power, but also in the perpetuation of a female stereotype that neither corresponds with the reality nor with the expectations of the modern woman. Women of average height represent the first generation that has jumped from the stove to the firm, from premature ageing to botox, from submission to “I can do it all.” These are flesh and blood women who take on and proudly fulfil the juggling acts that modern society demands of them: who conjugate the pleasures of their private territory with their interest for political issues. Women of average height pay a high price for the adventure of growing and being themselves. Some women have gone as far as to renounce personal success while others have resigned themselves to live in inestable territories, to postpone maternity and fight against toxic emotions. To face the conquest of their own bodies and the infamous female insecurity. Freehand, Joana Bonet sketches the private and public landscapes of today’s woman.