Las identidades

Visor, 2012


“Las identidades will not just be another notch in Felipe Benítez Reyes’ poetic career, but rather a kind of literary summit or totem, from which something new will have to be created, a new landscape like the one we will contemplate tomorrow, tonight, right now.” Juan Carlos Palma

Las identidades is a book by someone that, at the age of fifty, thinks about life, about reality, and about the role that one carries out in this reality. It is a fundamental task of poetry: to turn life into a meditation about ourselves. It’s a book of maturity, which includes all of Benítez Reyes’ features: his symbolic capacity, his traditions, his way of combining, his lyrical and light air.” Luis García Montero

“We all agree with the fact that Felipe Benítez Reyes is one of the few indispensable poets of the last, let’s say, fifty year.” Juan Bonilla, Biblioteca en Llamas (elmundo.es)

“Felipe Benítez Reyes has published a book —Las identidades (Visor)— which does not just contain verses of social criticism, but which looks into the royal family, immigration, money, and war. Ezra Pound, the leader of Gimferrer’s generation, is the main character in one of Benítez Reyes’ poems, where he launches out a question: “War costs / 25.000 dollars per corpse / I want to know / who ends up with these 25.000 dollars.” Poets are demanding to hold accounts once again.” Javier Rodríguez Marcos, El Pais



“Poetry ends up turning into a method of thought. My way of thinking is by writing poems.” FBR