La ruta de las tormentas

Martínez Roca, 2005 | The Storm Route


Portugal, Bertrand


«A first book from a dazzling young woman.» Antonio Gala

«An unusual, intense and surprising first novel.» El Mundo

«Awarded a grant by the Antonio Gala Foundation, she researched the life of Hernando Colón, illegitimate son of the famous sailor. All the work culminated in this novel. And she is only 20 years old!» Mujer hoy, ABC


(The Storm Route) An aged and infirm Christopher Columbus is in a hurry to set out on his last great voyage: his return to the Indies in search of the strait that would lead him to the lands of Genghis Khan, spoken of by Marco Polo. Scorned and repudiated by both monarchy and grandees in Spain, the voyage turns into a complete nightmare punctuated by storms, hurricanes, sickness and mutinies. During the crossing, 13 year old Hernando Columbus, his illegitimate son, will reach manhood, confront his fears, get familiar with the darkest side of human nature and witness the decline and fall of his beloved father. Excellently researched and beautifully written.