La jauría y la niebla

Algaida, 2009 | The Hounds and the Fog


Bulgaria / Era Publishers; Italia / H2O


***II Logroño Prize for Fiction***


“This novel’s greatest strength lies in its direct and brutal depiction of bullying. It tells harsh and bleak stories. Readers will certainly not be indifferent to Ander’s fate. Children mirroring adult socio-political rivalries and reckless attitudes that perpetuate a particular criminal language.” Francesco Scarcella, Mangialibre

«Novels have to seduce and attract with the truth of the world they reveal and in the case of The Hounds and the Snow, the reader will discover an extraordinary mechanism of narration. Its singularity lies in the balance between depicting the world as it is and at the same time telling a story, a tale of experience. A very intense read written with bravery and sincerity.» Antonio Muñoz Molina

«The novel tells, with a miraculous mix of crudeness and tenderness, of a school harassment case in a little Basque town (…) The story is immense, as is the story-telling. (…) The pack and the fog is, aside from an impeccable work, a necessary novel that sends us face first against a hurtful and shameful reality: school violence exists because, consciously or not, it´s implicitly consented by too many. By the group. By the teachers. By the aggressors´ parents.» Marta Rivera de la Cruz, El Progreso


(The Hounds and the Fog) One morning in December, Ander faces one of the hardest moments of his existence: going to class. The same day, the writer Ignacio Mayor visits the Basque School where Ander studies, to give a conference. With the social pressures of school life ever-present, these characters, intertwined by feelings, coincidence and memory, weave a story about the violence that groups can wield over individuals, the loss of innocence and the need to recover it in order to carry on living.