Ismael GRASA

La flecha en el aire. Diario de la clase de Filosofía

Debate, 2011 | The Arrow in the Air. Diary of a Philosophy Lesson


«I’ve just finished La flecha en el aire [The Arrow in the Air] by Ismael Grasa, and it makes me want to ask him if I can enrol as a student in his philosophy class.» Cristina Grande

Ismael Grasa recounts his apprenticeship as a teacher, his philosophical doubts and certainties, and his convictions as a citizen, highlighting his exercise of intellectual honesty. I do not believe there are necessary books, but there are useful ones, and that is what this is: course in philosophy applied to life.” J. José Ordovás, La Vanguardia


(The arrow in the air. Diary of a philosophy lesson) A philosophy teacher’s notes on the experience of teaching. The best way of learning something is to have to explain it. This is why, when Ismael Grasa starts work as a philosophy teacher in a secondary school, he not only has to dust off his university texts but is also obliged to start a dialogue that involves his students and the classical authors. As a teacher of philosophy and later of civic education classes, the relationship he establishes with his pupils ends up affecting the one he has with texts and ideas, and vice versa. This subtle transformation is what Grasa’s book is about; a philosophy exercise book in which, in the form of a classroom debate and with his delightful notes as a starting point, a question, reflection or idea show us how he gradually becomes a teacher, and how his ideas are slowly altered by his contact with reality - that is, with his students.