La distancia

Malpaso, 2018 | The Distance


**Classified as "essential" by FNAC  bookstores**

"Pablo Aranda possesses the most exquisite virtues that a narrator can have: elegance." Sara Mesa

“Pablo Aranda knows the materials of his writing and he does so with no artifices. The use of short sentences confers a hipnotic power to La distancia.” Sergi Doria, ABC

“A mix of thriller, introspective travel and realistic situations. The author opens a door inside a collection of character that become flesh and blood.” Ángeles González Sinde, El Mundo

“In The Distance, Aranda’s latest novel, the author offers a twist on his previous offerings, entering into a game of genres that makes for a hybrid work. Some might call it a thriller, where others may see a lover story. A romantic noir? “Ariana Basciani,

"Set between southern Spain and northern Morocco and written with his personal style, the novel is a double trip that shows the more agile and disturbing Aranda." Alberto Gómez, Sur

«A deep and moving novel on the weight of the past, fatherhood and lost opportunities.» Braulio Ortiz, Diario de Sevilla

« Aranda weaves together the threads of a turbulent story set in the North of Morrocco. ‘La distancia’ blurs the lines between genres, in pursuit of a narrative efficiency that seeks to identify with the readers’ imagination.» Juan A. Juristo, La Vanguardia

«The past always catches up with us: an unsettling novel about fate.» Ignacio Martínez de Pisón


(The Distance) La distancia tells of the physical and emotional journey embarked on by a broken man looking for his former lover, a Moroccan woman whose life is in danger. Tamar has resigned herself to a violent husband with links to the Majzen, the menacing power lurking in the shadows of Moroccan society. Emilio lives a solitary, humdrum existence until the past suddenly resurfaces and offers the shimmering hope of a more rewarding future. Their meeting will unleash an inexorable flood of upheaval.

With his usual blend of tenderness, irony and literary dexterity, Pablo Aranda plunges us into a tale that is the perfect combination of thriller and journey of emotional discovery. We are captivated from the outset.