Concepción PEREA

La corte de los espejos

Fantascy / PRH, septiembre 2013


«Adds a twist to the fantasy genre, mixing Celtic mythology with palace intrigues, murders, wars, and angry steampunk fairies... Absolutely delicious, exciting, entertaining, magic and adult. Seriously adult.»
La espada en la tinta

«A great fantasy novel. Amazing magical world-building, attractive and original characters and an addictive rhythm.»


An action-packed, adventure-filled fantasy novel in which, for once, good fairies are nowhere to be seen.

TerraLinde, a kingdom where the fairies believe there’s no such thing as humans, an old city that swung the balance in the War of the Slumbering Queen. Years have passed since that bloody conflict, which left in its wake a fragile peace, a long list of grudges to bear and a precarious reign.

The city is home to Nicasia, a knocker from the Engineers Guild, and Dujal, a phoka with a weakness for risk-taking. The two have been locked for years in a power struggle in which Marsias, an affable satyr who runs a brothel, does his best to keep the peace. The murder of Manx, Dujal’s tutor and Marias and Nicasia’s comrade in arms, leaves them with no choice but to join forces to hunt down the culprits. Together they embark on an investigation that will take them from the forest of centaurs to the mountains of TocaEstrellas, where fierce goblins lie in wait, hounded at all times by the long shadow cast by the mysterious Lady Tunnelrunner.