La compañía de los solitarios

Pre-Textos, 2000 | The Company of Loners


«An unconventional narrator, intense, ironic and imaginative.» Miguel García Posada, El Cultural

«Intelligent, witty, graceful and original. » J.A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia

«He has a masterful knack of the use of language and felicitous ideas.» A. Duque, El Correo

«The most brilliant Spanish writer of this decade.» Laura Martini, La Nación

«A writer that belongs to the breed of which one should not lose track.» Miguel Munárriz, Clarín 


(The Company of Loners) The promising opening to this book of stories is the quote by Miguel de Unamuno: "We are the loners and the loners understand each other. Without speaking, nor seeing nor even knowing each other. They accompany me in my loneliness, the lonelinesses of the other loners.“