La caçadora de cossos

Columna: catalán, 2011 / Planeta: castellano, 2011


(Italy, Newton Compton); (UK, Serpent’s Tail)


“A brave Catalan writer fashions a heroine who really breaks the rules. The novel is ably translated by Peter Bush from Catalan, one languaje with a rich literary tradition on which El Hachmi draws. She is reminiscent of Mercè Rodoreda in her detailing of everyday objects to reveal the workings of her main character's mind and her use of a direct, colloquial voice. To some degree the novel is a morality tale: promiscuous sex does not bring happiness. What makes it special is its extraordinary physical detail, both in the sex (not at all titillating) and cleaning (stimulating) and in the description of clothes, smells and factory work. El Hachmi is not just bold in her themes, but intelligently and patiently teases out their contradictions. She is a fine writer.” Michael Eaude, The Guardian

«The text, in its freeing exploration of a socially turbid sexuality, is incredibly valiant; and its style shines for its poweful adroitness. A great book.» Jordi Gracia, El País

«Najat El Hachmi’s new novel is attractive, original, contemporary and strong.» Sam Abrams, El Mundo

«A highly original setting, an exquisite sensory universe, dominated by a highly naturalistic, well-structured, supple prose that keeps the reader glued to its pages.» A. Bulnes, Mercurio


(The body hunter) A woman hunts for bodies. She collects all different kinds from many different sources, because she believes this is what fulfils her and makes her free. However, something is wrong; she’s not happy. The protagonist of this novel is really a woman who hunts in order to flee herself, and it is only when she meets a man who simply watches and listens to her that she starts to realise what is happening to her. Gradually she sheds these hunted bodies and comes to discover her own - desired and desiring, loved and loving. And it is then that she will be ready to learn that hers is a story of infinite love.

With the strength, sensuality and freshness she demonstrated in her first novel El último patriarca, Najat El Hachmi presents us with a magnificent feast for the senses and confirms herself as the most interesting and original voice of her generation.

(Spain, Catalan  - Columna; Booket - Labutxaca / Spanish - Planeta / Club, Círculo)