Juanjo SÁEZ

Hit emocional

Sexto Piso, septiembre 2015


“A gripping personal account that soon reveals itself to speak for an entire generation, and even bridges the generation gap. Saez’s writing also testifies to his view of music as an individual and, at one and the same time, a collective experience.” Entrecomics

“His raw, almost naïf style is the perfect foil in sketch form to the lo-fi recordings of his beloved Sonic Youth.” El Periódico


This title was originally going to be a collection of the monthly strips published in the music magazine RockdeLux but, as it tends to happen, the compilation is only a small part of the book. Instead, it has ended up being an emotional journey through the author’s musical experience, relating this to his life and the people in it, but also a reflection upon the world we live in.

The book combines cartoons with an obvious – while always astute and daring – humour, with apparently childlike texts that nevertheless are loaded with significance, and can be seen as innocent or caustic, although (almost) always sad. Let the music play!