Herstory: Una historia ilustrada de las mujeres

Lumen (PRH), 2018 | Herstory


«Almost 200 pages packed with truly alluring stories, many of them surprising, with eye-catching Illustrations. It tells women’s history in a rigorous and pleasant way that leaves room for a critical approach.» Alberto Martínez Arias, Radio Nacional de España

«This volume is a critical, didactic, and rigorous look at women’s constant struggle to achieve liberty.» Anna Abella


The history of feminism, from prehistory to #MeToo.

From prehistory to #MeToo, women’s history has been a constant struggle to achieve new spaces of liberty. From a critical perspective, Herstory: An Illustrated History of Women looks at the milestones, speed bumps, and points of resistance in this struggle that has been fought for centuries by key figures and collective initiatives alike.

A book full of information, inspiring and still unfinished, because women’s struggles are remain unfinished and more and more warriors are joining the ranks.