Juanjo SÁEZ

Heavies tendres

Serie de animación (TV3, 2018)


“Juanjo Sáez has always drawn on his own past and memories when spinning tales that connect with the reading public for precisely that reason, thanks to his sincerity and the universal nature of his stories.” Sergio del Amo, El País

“A tragicomic portrait of the threshold that stands before us as childhood comes to an end. […] Tender-hearted Metalheads, the new animated series from Barcelona cartoonist Juanjo Sáez, is an affectionate account of the adolescence of two die-hard Iron Maiden fans in pre-Olympic Barcelona. A highly personal work of animation with a minimalist, witty aesthetic.” Guillermo Altarriba, El Mundo

“Clean, seemingly unfinished sketch-like drawings that feel no need to fill the screen, as if to do away with anything but the bare minimum. Each new shot is a surprise. […] This is a minimalist piece; a rest for grateful eyes tired of the constant visual opulence television seems to crave (…) Offering generous helpings of narrative ellipsis, the viewer’s initial reaction is a purely aesthetic one: why was it drawn like this and not any other way. And the freedom offered by the drawings is absolute. […] A touching work of craftsmanship that is not to be missed. A marvellous miniature.” Tomàs Delclós,  El País


Tender-hearted Metalheads is an animated series that aims to reflect the transition from childhood to adolescence during the 90s in the pre-Olympic Barcelona, a period little exploited in fiction so far. The story focuses on Juanjo and Miquel, two teenagers who find in their friendship and in metal rock music a refuge from the dull world in which they live in while facing their first relationships and life decisions. The characters are part of an imaginary world in which each one represents a symbolic role. Thus, they include, among others, Miquel (Freedom), Clara (Thought and Reason), Masa, (Fantasy), the father (Protection), the mother (Love) and the grandmother (Knowledge).
The creator, Juanjo Saez, has invested six years to complete a first season that includes eight 20-minute long episodes.