Generación paréntesis

Planeta, 2013 | The Downshift Generation


 “Bonet considers the times we live in with a keen sense of perception and a great eye for capturing budding social movements when they are still unnoticeable to the masses. In his book, Bonet defends the “poetry of the everyday” using anecdotes to reflect on the present and lyrical language that radiates with personality. Bonet lends us her eyes when ours cannot see.” Carina Farreras, La Vanguardia


(The Downshift Generation) Our generation grew up in prosperous times, attending foreign language academies, eating light products and using laptops for the first time. Everything seemed possible until the great crisis brought uncertainty back and we began to lower our own expectations. Today we consider ourselves a Downshift Generation: we know we have lived better than our parents, but also that our children won’t probably get to know about that exhuberant prosperity.

A low cost humanity is announced while we suffer from «economitis», and struggle to believe that neither love nor happiness are in crisis.

On the other hand, the family concept is reinforced, friends turn into the big net that breaks the fall, we activate our solidarity gene, and a new sensuality that glorifies the senses gives us shelter.

This book is an x-ray of the 21st Century first years. It questions how the current times we are living in have affected our thoughts and actions, which vital engines are worth fighting for, and what social trends will end up prevailing.

«With her vibrant prose, Bonet draws a portrait of what she has called “downshift generation”. A generation whose members have had it better than their parents but will also have the misfortune of living better lives than their children. A poignant description of a disturbing present we were not ready for.» Elvira Lindo