El tiempo de las mujeres

Anagrama, 2003 / Seix Barral - Booket, 2012


(France: Éditions du Rocher); (Germany, Hoffmann und Campe / Pocket: DTV); (The Netherlands, Signature); (Israel, Yanshuf Publishing); (Italy, Marcos y Marcos); (Poland, Bona); (Portugal, Teorema); (Romania, RAO)


-Shortlisted as best book of the year for the Fundación José Manuel Lara Award.


 «An excellent novel.» R. Ruiz Garzón, La Razón

 «Masterful. Love story, family saga and historical document in one single novel.» El País

«Noble and sincere, Pison has transferred to his narrative a morality of writing which is without adornment or rhetoric (…) for the pleasure of telling stories». Josep Massot, La Vanguardia


 (Three Sisters) Love, sex and death: all experienced for the first time. With the Spanish 70’s as a backdrop, María, Carlota and Paloma live through the joys and misfortunes of reaching adulthood. After their father’s death, stranded in an old manor house with a childish, day-dreamer of a mother, they will begin their adult lives ill-equipped. Each in turn tells the story in her own words. Only the reader, from his privileged perspective will be able to gather all the pieces of the family story into a complete mosaic. Three Sisters is also a story about shared intimacy and family secrets and how they unavoidably clash. 

(Spain, Seix Barral)

 Film rights sold to: Pedro Costa PC