El taxista siempre llama dos veces

Reservoir Books/Penguin Random House, 2017 | The Taxi Driver Always Rings Twice


“The only way to consolidate a country’s graphic narrative tradition is to embark on projects of real ambition, in both literary and artistic terms. Which is precisely what Toño García Ángel, Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Keko Olano have done in The Taxi Driver Always Rings Twice. A noir-tinged taxi journey through the Bogota night, traversing the hustle and bustle of todays’ Colombia, outstandingly narrated in words and images.” Bernardo Fernández Bez



(The Taxi Driver Always Rings Twice) Calle sesenta y nueve, carrera treinta y dos, Alcázares, calle sesenta y nueve carrera treinta y dos…Miguel picks up Viviana Rincón, the perfect passenger (beautiful, likeable, chatty), unable to imagine that their brief journey to the neighbourhood of La Soledad will turn his world upside down.
Macabre, entertaining, fast-paced, packed with suspense and unforgettable characters, El taxista siempre llama dos veces is a fascinating graphic novel that readers will read (and above all look at) again and again.