El novio del mundo

Tusquets, 1998 | The Boyfriend of the World


Italy, Fazi


«Absolutely unique» M. García-Posada. El País

«As a narrator, Felipe Benítez Reyes, has signed some excellent novels and one which is truly phenomenal, El novio del mundo.» Juan Bonilla Biblioteca en Llamas (elmundo.es)

 «Excellent, dazzling and also very funny». R. Senabre. ABC


(The Boyfriend of the World) Walter Arias, the boyfriend of the world, is a mixture of surrealist philosopher and anti-freudian psychoanalyst, a sexually-obsessed romantic, a moralist and a deliquent. A mixture, in fact, of everything that cannot and should never be mixed. A thinking that oscillates between Descartes and baron Munchausen makes Walter Arias a precursor of the philosophical movement known as Walterism, one of the least spiritual spiritual trends known in the past millennium. A hilarious, picaresque and metaphysical thriller.