El nombre de los tontos está escrito en todas partes

Contraluz/Alianza, 2021 | The Names of Idiots are Posted Everywhere


Brutal in the broadest sense of the term, unsurpassably sarcastic, romantic at times, hysterical, demolishing, and even edifying, this novel is all this and more. Pablo Carbonell has established himself as one of the boldest and most amusing authors of the Spanish literary landscape…

What could this music star possibly have done to end up on death row?

In a panoply of characters so real that they transcend fiction, this is the story of the conquest of accidental stardom on the part of a working-class rascal who knows he’s got nothing to lose––not even his good name. After surviving the pressures of a manager/mother that took him to the top with the boy band Aces Up the Sleeve, the protagonist decides to leave the group to focus on his solo career. In the adult world so many new things await him: love, heartbreak, descents into hell, women in cocktail bars, betrayals by lifelong friends, invasive relatives, and stabs in the back from professional colleagues… A roller coaster of feelings and events.

Is this a faithful portrayal of what happens under the bright lights? Everyone will have to draw their own conclusions…