El món d’Horaci

Empúries, 1995 / Proa, 2016 | Horatio’s World


(Horatio’s World) Twenty years after its first publication, this cult novel, the author’s most ambitious work, is being re-issued.

Horatio’s World is the first novel by Vicenç Pagès Jordà. Written when he was just entering his thirties, it humorously recreates the life of a student household in the neighbourhood of Gràcia during the 80s and 90s. Horatio, one of the protagonists, has to go on a journey of personal exploration to understand the meaning of life, including the ways of love, the Barcelona Olympics of 1992 and the assassination of John F Kennedy. Meanwhile, his companions devote themselves to exploring other aspects of life. The book is presented as a found manuscript and includes newspaper articles, theatre monologues, mathematical diagrams and a long collection of playful footnotes.