El collar del neandertal

Temas de Hoy, 1999 | The Neanderthal’s Necklace


Spanish World, Destino – 2019 / Temas de Hoy - 1999; Catalan World, Columna; Brazil, Globo; Croatia, Izvori; France, Odile Jacob; Germany, Europa Verlag; The Netherlands, Wereldbibliotheek; Italy, tk; Japan, Shinhyoron; Poland, Znak; Portugal, Gradiva; UK, John Wiley & Sons; US, Four Walls Eight Windows.


Neanderthals are at the center of this compelling narrative by Europe’s leading anthropologist, not because they were our ancestors but because they were not. Members of a parallel humanity that evolved in Europe for hundreds of thousands of years, they were in direct competition with Cro-Magnons — modern humans. The way Neanderthals lived and the reasons why they disappeared 50,000 years ago offer a surprising mirror in which we can examine and learn more about ourselves. Illustrated, concise and readable, this is a fascinating exploration of human origins.