El colegio más raro del mundo

Anaya, 2014 | The Weirdest School in All the World


“After picking up the well-deserved Ciudad de Málaga Award with Fede Wants to Be a Pirate, Pablo Aranda returns to the loveable character who dreamt of being a buccaneer and loved playing with words, placing him in a primary school setting. In order to prevent the scrums that form at the school gates, the idea is that each parent pick up the first boy or girl who comes out the door, whether their own child or not. Needless to say, a madcap series of events spring from this original premise, leading Fede to discover families that are poles apart from his own.” Cecilia Frías, ABC

“A witty novel packed with good humour in which the nonstop puns, outlandish characters and plot twists will hold younger readers in thrall.”  Marcelo Matas, El Comercio

“Original, entertaining and educational.” Antonio A. Gómez Yebra, Mercurio



(The Weirdest School in All the World)
Fede goes to the weirdest school in the world. When school is out, the boys and girls head home with the first mother or father they spot, who will have to treat them as if they were their own children and bring them back to school the following day...

Illustrations: Esther Gómez