El claustro rojo

Sloper, 2014


Café 1916 Award


“An outstanding short story collection, very well written and researched, with the keen sense of rhythm and precise narrative structure that are the hallmarks of all great works” Carlos Jover, El Mundo

“Eleven brief tales that form a compendium of the human emotions that stem from the miracle of artistic creation. From envy to madness, its pages are a delightful pandemonium, teeming with historic figures alongside fictional characters, a fast and furious look at the different ways of approaching artistic endeavor.” Javier Menéndez Llamazares, El Diario Montañés


(The Red Atrium) Underhand scheming in a 15th century Belgian monastery. The flowering of Vienna in the inter-war years. The Paris of the impressionists. The volatile Japan of the Edo period. Rome at the onset of the 19th century. 17th century Venice. A séance in a village on the Costa Brava. The shameful daydreams of a still life painter. A Polish Jew lost in an endless summer. A family secret encrypted in a distant landscape. The body as the final frontier of the artistic experience. Eleven stories starring creators from very different eras and lands for whom the same fate awaits: the fate dictated by their fears and desires.