El chico que imitaba a Roberto Carlos

Anaya, 1996 | The boy who imitated Roberto Carlos


«A special relationship between two brothers. Doubts, anxiety, and adolescent dreams. Martín Casariego demonstrates once again how comfortable he is with young public, even though this novel is recommended for adults as well.» Emma Rodríguez, El Mundo-La Revista.


(The boy who imitated Roberto Carlos) Summer months in a humble neighborhood of a big city. The narrator and Alber entertain themselves painting vindictive graffittis. The narrator´s role model is his older brother, a lonely boy in love with Sira. At parties, the older brother sings songs by Roberto Carlos, which earns him the mockery of the other boys his age. When, because of a silly bet,  Alber and the narrator must paint a graffiti on the new house of the most respectable man in town, the boy who used to imitate Roberto Carlos will help them.