Educar a la pantera

Debate, 2010 | Educating the Panther


“Ignacio García Valiño, in addition to being a novelist, is an educational psychologist. He has been working with such problems in secondary schools for many years and in 2005 he was awarded the Santillana Prize for Educational Experiences. He gives an account of this experience and his ongoing fieldwork with teenagers in Educar la pantera, an interesting book analysing the various scenarios that make up this troubling and conflicting reality with a deep understanding of education. An essential tool for managing the uncertainty surrounding how to handle  disruptive behaviour in minors.” Guillermo Busutil, Mercurio


(Educating the Panther) A study of antisocial behavior in children and adolescents by a great writer and expert on the subject… This book attempts to clarify the nature of these problems, confront myths, and propose solutions from a humanistic model, based on, among other things, work about psychological resilience and discoveries in the field of neuroplasticity. But above all, the book aims to illustrate its analysis with real-life stories, lived by the author and by the many experts from the many regions with which he has worked.