Dios, entre otros inconvenientes

Anagrama, 1996


(Brazil, Objetiva)


«A point of view that sweeps all myths and beliefs (...) A very necessary book.» J.J. Navarro Arisa, El Cultural

«A philosopher who always takes the opposite view, who is against all idée reçue and hostile to any rushed acceptance of any values.» C. Ortega, El País


(God, Among Other Nuisances) With penetrating irony and a harsh sense of humour, this collection of essays explores the means by which human beings have tried to elucidate the enigma of existence. God plays a central role but also all critical doctrines that follow. Rubert de Ventós speaks from a position where ideas can still be perceived in all their richness, where words do not cast a shadow over meaning nor try to embody 20th Century Lesser Gods: ideology, semiology, subversion, deconstruction and other vestigial remains. With his usual playful intelligence, youthful wit and sound reasoning, Rubert de Ventós draws the curious reader in and forces him to question established views on globalization, political correctness, the notion of God, cloning, smoking and food as a new religion. A real pleasure.

(Spain, Anagrama)